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Finnish Residential Language Village

From floor hockey (sähly), to warm cardamom bread (pulla), language learning and quiet reflection by the lake sauna, you’ll enjoy every moment at Salolampi.

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Finnish Residential Language Village


No matter your skill level, you will learn from experienced teachers who create curriculum tailored to fit your skill level. Discover more about learning the language at Salolampi!



Need-based scholarships are available for Finnish summer youth immersion sessions through the Passport Fund. Scholarships are based on a family’s adjusted gross income, number of dependents, and the length of the session.

Additionally, the Minnesota Office of Higher Education offers a $1,000 stipend for Minnesota students who qualify for free or reduced lunch at school. Additional information is available here.

Language Specific Scholarship Opportunities:

  • Additional scholarships are available for Salolampi villagers. Learn more.

Authentic Cuisine

Villagers get a taste of true Finnish cuisine with each freshly prepared meal. Explore new foods such as pulla, karjalanpiirakka or traditional strawberry cake.

Sports and Activities

At Salolampi, villagers are introduced to activities like pesapallo or mölkky. One can also try their hand at various crafting projects like loom-weaving.


Music is an important part of Finnish culture and villagers get to experience a wide variety of new and old favorites.


From Joulu to Juhannus, villagers get a taste of Finnish holidays and festivals no matter what time of year it is.


Day Camps

Family Weeks & Weekends

Spend quality vacation time relaxing and laughing in another language with your family. Attend a Finnish Family Fun Weekend or Family Week!

Check out Our Upcoming Events for Adults!

Why Learn Finnish?

What do Angry Birds, Nokia phones, Santa Claus and saunas have in common? They all originate from the great country of Finland! As Finnish companies become more global and the education system creates conversation, the reasons to learn Finnish continue to grow. Read more great reasons to learn Finnish!

Meet the Dean

Jenna, dean of Salolampi.

Jen Jenna Pulju Porter is a professional Finnish to English literary translator who specializes in children’s and young adult fiction. Jenna believes there is great literature in Finland and is happy to play a part in bringing it to English-speaking audiences. Jenna holds a bachelor’s degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences from the University of Washington and is studying Finnish, Estonian, and Literary Translation at the master’s level at Indiana University-Bloomington. She currently resides in Colorado with her husband and children and enjoys spending her free time skiing, cooking, and reading books that she is not translating.

“My vision for Salolampi is to provide the most sought-after Finnish experience in North America where every villager develops a lifelong passion for Finland and our global world. We seek to be a global leader in facilitating connections to Finland and in cultivating Finnish language and cultural competency in every villager.”


Want to get a head-start on learning Finnish or need a refresher? Check out this resource to improve your language skills!