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Danish Residential Language Village

Learning Danish at Skovsøen, our Danish language immersion program, will be an experience you’ll treasure for a lifetime. Learn the language and culture of Denmark in the North Woods of Minnesota!

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Danish Residential Language Village

Program Overview

Danish Language Immersion

What can you expect from attending a session at Skovsøen? Watch this video to find out more!

Authentic Cuisine

<p>Lunchtime conversation and <i>smørrebrød </i>(open-faced sandwiches).</p>

Lunchtime conversation and smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches).

Authentic Cuisine

Danish food traditionally offers a variety of meat and potato dishes from Denmark’s agricultural heritage. This tradition carries on, although Danes throughout history have always welcomed foods from other countries, particularly French cuisine. Popular food you’ll see at Skovsøen includes frikadeller (Danish meatballs), smørrebrød (open-face sandwiches) and rødgrød med fløde (traditional Danish pudding). Learn more about food at Skovsøen


<p>Singing during <i>storgruppe </i>(morning group time).</p>

Singing during storgruppe (morning group time).


We combine traditional Danish games, such as Viking kubb and rundbold, with current trends in outdoor activities. Enhance your Danish language skills while staying active in the beautiful outdoors. You’ll enjoy canoeing, hiking, orienteering, swimming, fishing, water games, volleyball, badminton, soccer and cycling. Learn more about activities you’ll experience at Skovsøen.


<p>Villagers recreating a Hans Christian Andersen story as a puppet show.</p>

Villagers recreating a Hans Christian Andersen story as a puppet show.


Painting, paper crafts, weaving, knitting, cross stitch, woodworking and beading are all activities offered in our arts center, Christiania. At Skovsøen we also enjoy singing, theater, storytelling and dancing. Learn more.


<p><i>De cyklende danskere</i> on the trail to Bemidji State Park.</p>

De cyklende danskere on the trail to Bemidji State Park.


De Cyklende Danskere (The Biking Danes) is an optional adventure program for villagers ages 13-18. Cycling culture is an important part of the Danish lifestyle, whether you live in the city or the country. But Danes especially love to be out in naturen (nature), so Skovsøen offers a group bicycling trip. Learn more about biking.



Need-based scholarships are available for Danish summer youth immersion sessions through the Passport Fund. Scholarships are based on a family’s adjusted gross income, number of dependents, and the length of the session.

Additionally, the Minnesota Office of Higher Education offers a $1,000 stipend for Minnesota students who qualify for free or reduced lunch at school. Additional information is available here.

Language Specific Scholarship Opportunity:

  • Den Norske Torske Klubben: As a longtime friend and partner of Skovsøen and the other Scandinavian programs at Concordia Language Villages, this organization provides scholarship and grant opportunities for young people to attend language and cultural camps, seminars, and other educational opportunities celebrating Scandinavian heritage. Learn more.

Why Learn Danish?

Danish connects you with the past. Whether you want to explore your heritage, converse with grandma in her native tongue, or just get an insider’s view of the rich history of northern Europe, at Skovsøen, you’ll learn words, phrases, and the history and traditions of Danish-speaking people as you immerse yourself in a fun, culturally authentic learning environment.

Meet Our Dean

Laila, dean of Skovsøen.

Emily Laila Helgerson begins her role as Dean of Skovsøen with the 2023 season. She has worked for the Language Villages since 2005 as a counselor, credit teacher and facilitator, business manager, kitchen helper, lifeguard and assistant dean. Laila and her family lived in Denmark for 18 months where she worked at both the Østerbro and Copenhagen International Schools.

Laila herself is the product of language immersion education since kindergarten and has taught in language immersion and International Baccalaureate schools since 2009. She holds a BA in Elementary Education and Spanish with a minor in Italian from the University of Minnesota, and a Master’s in Second Language Teaching with a focus in immersion from McGill University. She also holds Minnesota teaching licenses in Elementary Education (grades K-6) and Spanish (K-12).