What to Pack | Concordia Language Villages

What to Pack

After registration, you will be able to access a packing list specific to your program and Language Village when you log in to your MyVillage account. A Village packing list has two columns: “To Villages” and “From Villages.” These checklists will help you bring everything that was brought to the Village back home again!

Summer Youth Packing List

Les Voyageurs Packing List (Two- and four-week sessions)

*Les Voyageurs is a wilderness adventure outdoor French immersion program. Please note it is different from Lac du Bois which is a more traditional sleep-away camp.


It is very beneficial for villagers of all ages to help pack their own bag. After all, once in the Language Village, you will be responsible for your own belongings and being able to find your own clothes and mosquito repellent. Remember, you will be living in close quarters with others. Please mark all of your belongings and leave all valuables at home. If items are lost, you may visit the lost and found at the closing program. Villagers are encouraged to bring items with them that will enhance the immersion experience, such as CDs or books in the target language. Clothing with inappropriate or offensive language or designs cannot be worn in the program. You can wear clothing with non-offensive English words.


There are no laundry facilities on site for villagers, so you need to bring enough clothing for your session and a mesh or cloth (not plastic) laundry bag. Villagers must be able to carry their own bags, so it is important not to overload suitcases.

Villagers attending for four weeks or consecutive sessions have a “laundry break” at a laundromat in town at the end of two weeks. You must provide your own money and soap for laundry.


All facilities (besides French Voyageurs) have bunk beds and everyone provides their own pillows, sheets and blankets. Only villagers participating in outdoor wilderness programs may sleep in zipped-up sleeping bags. Due to fire code regulations, villagers cannot sleep in zipped-up sleeping bags inside and may use them only as a blanket.

Minnesota’s summer night temperatures can range from 40 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Spending Money

The registration cost of each Village session covers food, lodging, instructional materials and supplies. However, villagers may want additional spending money. The amount of money needed should be based on the length of stay, villager’s interests and your budget.

Village Store: Villagers will have a daily opportunity to purchase items using the target language. There are a number of items available for purchase, including T-shirts, sweatshirts, cookbooks, books, music, cultural items, souvenirs, international candy and soft drinks from language-specific countries. We suggest you visit with your parents/guardians about what you wish to purchase to determine the amount of money to bring along. T-shirts are priced at $5 to $20, sweatshirts at $30 to $65.

International Day: Villagers attending International Day may want extra spending money to shop at the bazaar or to try festival foods. Dishes are priced at $1-$3 each. These dishes are available in addition to the ethnic meal options that the villagers use tickets to “purchase.” 


Free Weekend: Credit villagers need money for laundry and may want spending money for incidentals such as a meal in town. Two loads of laundry with soap will cost approximately $10-$12.

Faxes: If your friends or family choose to send a fax to you, your Village bank account will be charged a $1 fee per page.