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Summer Health Services

Healthcare Personnel

Each Village has a designated healthcare provider onsite; not all healthcare providers are registered nurses. At minimum, a person with first aid and CPR skill is available when children are in the program.

Healthcare staff complete an orientation that includes review of medical protocols from our program’s supervising physician.

Responsibility for Villagers

Our healthcare staff assumes responsibility for your child’s healthcare after customs on Opening Day. They relinquish care when the child leaves the Village.

Villagers are responsible for self-care, including self-medication, while in transit between home and their Village.

Villagers who travel via plane or bus should carry a “just in case” copy of their health history in their carry-on bag and know where that form is packed. Parents are asked to contact the health services office if there are concerns about this interim time.

Scope of Service

The scope of service provided by our Health Center staff is limited to care of routine illness and injury; we do not have physicians in residence. We do, however, have medical protocols signed by our supervising physician so care for some common problems is available. We stock selected over-the-counter medications and give these as directed in our protocols.

The scope of care provided by individual healthcare staff is based on each individual’s credentials and the policies in our Manual for Health Center Staff. Your villager will be referred to the local medical community when need is beyond what your child’s Health Center staff can provide. In these situations, your child will be accompanied by a staff member who will remain with your child during the physician’s exam.

Communicating with Parents about a Child’s Health Status

  • Our Health Center staff will make every effort to contact you by phone if your child has need for out-of-Village healthcare. Because of timing and schedule conflicts we cannot promise that we will be successful in reaching you. The phone numbers you provide on your child’s health form will be used. Please make sure that we know how to reach you during your child’s stay.
  • In addition to phone contact, it is Concordia Language Villages policy to provide parents or guardians with a written summary of out-of-Village healthcare received by your villager.
  • We generally do not contact you if your child is seen in the Village Health Center for routine problems (e.g., skinned knee, sore throat, bee sting, overnight stay). We will call if we have questions, as determined on a case-by-case basis by the Health Center staff. If you would like us to do something different, attach a letter to your child’s health form explaining your alternate plan.
  • A child’s usual response when not feeling well is to tell the parent or guardian. Sometimes children at the Villages react the same way – they write a letter telling you how they feel and may not consider telling their counselor or the Health Center staff. Talk with your child and explain that our staff is there to help. Instruct your villager to tell these people about needs so care can be provided.

Care of Villagers with Chronic Health Concerns

We expect children with chronic health concerns (i.e., asthma, allergies, diabetes) to be capable self-managers and to bring the supplies they need to manage their diagnosis. Because treatment modalities vary, our healthcare staff relies on villagers’ familiarity with and ability to do their own treatments. Our healthcare staff will provide general oversight but they partner with the villager to follow individual treatment plans.

Please be aware that due to the cultural immersion aspect of our program, culturally authentic snacks and meals are an integral part of the experience. We are not able to guarantee an environment that is free of aerosolized allergens. Please contact our Health Services office to address specific concerns or questions regarding allergies.

Medications at the Villages

All medication, with the exceptions of rescue inhalers and EpiPens, is collected on Opening Day and is kept in the Village Health Center. The Health Center staff distributes daily medication at routine times and maintains office hours during which medication is available.

What is a “Medication” at the Language Villages?

Anything an individual uses to maintain and/or improve their health is considered a medication at the Language Villages. In addition to prescription medications and over-the-counter medications, this includes — but is not limited to — vitamins, homeopathic remedies, and topical ointments.

Questions about Healthcare?

You are encouraged to contact Language Villages’ health services, especially if special arrangements are needed to support your child’s stay in our program. Such requests are needed at least four weeks prior to your child’s arrival.

Health Services
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