Cuisine | Concordia Language Villages


We take cuisine very seriously at the Language Villages, and the quality of the meals show just that! Each Language Village has designated culinary staff dedicated to promoting the significant link between language and culture. These authentic meals are cooked and baked from scratch; you won’t be served any pre-packaged and processed foods from our kitchens!

Villagers are served three wholesome meals and at least one snack per day to ensure they have the energy for the daily activities and learning during their busy camp schedules.

Our family-style meals eaten at the table are always kicked-off with a mealtime presentation, in the target language, where villagers will learn about the food they are about to eat and other regional cuisine. We also serve our meals at culturally appropriate times to recognize the customs of each culture.

You will discover that every meal in the dining hall is an exciting and unforgettable adventure served with generous helpings of traditions, history, geography, economics, and, of course, language.

Please prepare for the experience of eating new foods at our camp as meal time is an important part of the Language Villages experience. You will be surprised to hear how much you learn during
this part of the day.

Special Dietary Needs

As you complete the health form, please identify nutrition needs based on documented health concerns, such as anaphylactic reactions and diagnosed food allergies. These conditions will be planned for by the head cook, the Village nurse, and a dedicated core staff member. We also recognize vegetarian-style food preferences as another exception for catering to special dietary needs. We do not provide kosher or halal meals.

If you are concerned about nutrition, please contact the food service manager for general inquiries, or contact the Village nurse if you feel your health form needs to be corrected.

Sending Food from Home

For reasons related to allergies and the potential attraction of mice and other animals/insects, please do not send any food items in care packages from home. Food and snack items sent to villagers will be disposed of, either in the Village waste system or at the local food shelf. If there are special circumstances, such as planning for a birthday, parents can contact the Village office and arrangements can be made. Rest assured, the food choices offered at meal time and at snack time will be kid-friendly within the context of each cuisine.