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High School Credit Program

The high school credit program is offered for students entering grades 9–12 in 14 languages: Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. It offers at least 180 hours of instruction and is designed for learners at all proficiency levels— beginner to advanced. The high school credit programs are accredited by Cognia, enabling us to grant credit.

High school credit programs are available in several formats, including:

Please note that not all formats are available in each language; please check each language's webpage for specific offerings.

Certain languages also offer hybrid Credit Abroad programs (summer only – not offered in summer 2022), content-based programs in the target language, and College Credit (summer only).

10 Motivators for Attending Credit Sessions

Accelerate your progress in a language you're already taking. This program is designed for any language level. A summer program can help you get a head start, catch up, or jump levels at school. The Villages' mission and CLVway also complement an IB diploma program, Advanced Placement track, or certificate in global education.
Learn a language not offered in your school. Concordia Language Villages offers high school credit programs in 14 world languages! Each language is a door to another world and offers an opportunity to explore your personal interests.
Free up your academic schedule for other requirements or interests. Our program is accredited by Cognia, and the transcript can be submitted with a college application, making scheduling a year of high school courses easier.
Challenge yourself. Fully immersing yourself in language, culture, and community for a month can be a great amount of work—with great rewards! You’ll learn to think more expansively about the world and learn about yourself.
Choose the right fit for your language learning experience. Each experience is unique—because you are unique! Whether you’re a beginner who’s never taken a language class, a mid-level student wanting to keep up in school, or a confident speaker pursuing proficiency, the Villages offers a supportive environment to learn at the right level.
Gain a deeper understanding of cultures and the perspectives of others around the world. Histories, modern life, and global issues come to life in the Villages. You will be surrounded by top-notch educators from around the world who are passionate about learning language within the context of authentic culture every minute of the day.
Get offline and away from your desk. In the Villages, learning is playful, active, face-to-face, and distraction-free. We live in an unplugged community of friends and staff who are motivated and eager to help.
Prepare for future challenges such as college and career, both here and abroad. In the Villages, you use the target language in all daily activities in a culturally authentic, globally focused environment that enables you to prepare for university, study abroad, and work. Your Village in the woods is a safe space in which to practice your language with friends and counselors from around the world.
Connect with friends from around the world who share your passions. It's no surprise that life-long friendships are born at summer camp. Counselors and villagers come together from across the country and around the world to immerse themselves in a shared language and culture. We live together in a supportive community that values respect and empathy for others.
Learn about nature—in nature. The outdoors is our classroom and home, and we practice responsible stewardship while enjoying the woods, lakes, and fresh air of Northern Minnesota.

Please note that you will need to check with your high school administrators to see if they will accept the credit at your school.

At the completion of a Credit Program, one official transcript is provided.  To order additional copies through Parchment, please click here.